Goal setting for teens

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Jul 052016
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Teens with goals.

To become a good adult, teens need to spend time figuring out goals to get there. Many students have goals for school like having top grades but this is not enough. They need to have goals for who they will become too.

When I was a teenager, my goal was to get very good grades to get to university. I studied a lot and got good grades. I went to university and graduated with my degree in Geography. But I didn’t have goals to my person. What kind of person did I want to be when I was older? Did I want to be happy, did I want to have children? I did not really know.

To help teenagers find out their goals, you need to talk to them and make the goals shorter. It is not fair to ask someone who is 14 what kind of person they want to be at 20. That is too many years difference and they change so much in that time. The best thing to do is ask your teenagers questions like this:

  • who do you look up to as an adult?
  • what kind of person are they?
  • what do you like about them?
  • what do you not like about them?
  • if you could change one thing about who you are, what would it be?
  • how long do you think it might take to change that one thing? (day, week, month, year)
  • what sort of things would you do to change that?
  • how will you know that you have changed?

These questions are good at helping your teenager find out who they want to be when they get older. These questions should be asked 6 months at a time so they have time to change.

Teens are always changing and they need some help in figuring out what they want. You can help them to set those goals. Do not do the work for them. Their goals they have to get by themselves. And it should be their goals. Not the ones you want them to make. You cannot ask them to set goals like learning to take out the garbage without being asked. These exercise is here to help them. As a good parent, you need to help them get better in what they want to work on. This will be better for you too.

For me, I ended up working at Hamilton Carpet Cleaning after my university. Even though I had a goal to work, I needed to learn to be a better worker. If I had worked at setting goals when I was teenager, I perhaps have a better job than now. I am learning how to become a better worker and change myself. Now my goals are as an adult. Better I had learned as a teenager.


Spooky halloween countdown day three

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Jun 042016

Welcome to our Spooky Halloween Countdown!

(Brought to you by Sarah, mom and owner of Kingston Window Cleaning)

halloween kids 2

There is nothing more fun than thinking up a Halloween costume each year. Some kids put more effort into it than others but either way, kids LOVE Halloween. My name is Sarah and these are my 2 boys. We always try to make Halloween an empowering time for the kids. Perhaps it’s the only time in the year when they truly feel like some of the superheroes they emulate the rest of the year. This is a time for them to feel powerful, and strong. It is a time to perhaps touch on those character traits they only WISH they really have.

My boys have always wanted to be superheroes for Halloween. I think it is because they really do love how it feels for them to put on those suits and pretend they have those powers in their life that they genuinely do not. Maybe it’s laying the foundation for the future when they actually do need to tap into those character traits. Who knows?  The point is that it is empowering for them right now when they are young.

Who I see it less in is my daughter, Chloe. She is still too young. But she’s adorable!

halloween kids

I hope to give her the same opportunities as her brothers in being able to empower her to develop those character traits that will help her in life via Halloween, pretending and dressup. Since she’s so young, I have no idea whether this will work or not. I just don’t know. What I do know that is I am keeping an eye out for opportunities to give her the same ability to empower herself as her brothers have. For girls, it is a little more difficult because power is not typically associated with females.

My kids are looking forward to Halloween and so am I. I don’t like the candy bit because I feel they already get too much of that–I like the fact that they can pretend and maybe feel strong and powerful for one day in their lives.  🙂

May 112016

Tips To assist You Be A More Effective Parent

It is possible to fix your parenting skills and turn around your kid’s bad actions quickly. If not, then these actions will develop into permanent bad behaviors and likely, at some point in their life, making bad choices. Use the recommendations in this write-up to discover ways to elevate your kids behavior.

Whenever possible, give your little one a possibility to select something. For instance, offer him two selections of a veggie for supper. When he makes a decision, he is less likely to complain about it. Supplying your child with selections will offer him a feeling of control as well as empowerment over his own little world.

One great suggestion for parenting is to utilize favorable self-control. Rather than scolding your youngster for a messy area, repeat to them exactly how delighted it made you to discover their room clean. Children have an urge to please their parents. The more means you provide them to please you the better everybody will be.

Kids discover concerns based off their moms and dads responses to particular points or circumstances. Kids have the tendency to aim to their moms and dads for hints as just how they should react to specific conditions. If you reveal to your kid that you are afraid of ants on the pathway, do not be amazed if your child develops a worry of insects. Maintain cautious of your responses to daily circumstances if your kid is with you.

Stick to a flexible routine and a rigid routine. Aim to prepare meals the same time daily. The exact same is true for nap time as well as bed time. Youngsters respond well to a regular routine. Their bodies literally adapt to it, and their time clock will, in time, automatically respond to it.

Although it could be hard, try not to self-control your youngster when you are angry. When you are emotionally taxed, you may not be able to control your kid, and also you might run the risk of saying hurtful points to him that you could regret later. Give yourself a few moments to cool off before talking to your kid.

It is very important  to make long lasting memories with your youngsters. You want your children to be able to look back at their childhood and have warm memories. Making gingerbread guys, playing baseball in the backyard or doing art and craft projects together is an excellent way to develop long lasting memories.

Being around your youngsters a whole lot can be very stressful. Make certain you take time out for you. Strategy a dinner date with a buddy, go on a lengthy stroll or to go to the motion pictures on your own. That little time away will suffice for your to recharge and also be the very best mom or dad you can be.

Be consistent concerning naptimes as well as bedtimes to assist your days to run efficiently. Children prosper on routine, as well as skimping on the quantity of sleep they obtain can influence their wellness as well as general health. Get in touch with your doctor to see just how much rest each of your youngsters needs, and make it a top priority to adhere to a normal schedule as much as possible.

To conclude, you have to see to it that you start raising your kids appropriately as quickly as feasible in an effort to suppress bad behavior. The ideas and also tricks in this write-up will be excellent to begin making use of on your kids and also with your family members in order to have a healthy and balanced family members.

May 072016

Satisfied Youngsters Can Be Yours! Follow Our Pointers

Nobody will argue that parenting is hard and also something that you truly have to work hard at. Raising youngsters takes a little help often as well as these suggestions might be a fantastic aiding hand when you need it. We’ll give you some great points that will help so you can do better in your parenting daily.

A good way to construct a great connection with your youngster is by having fun while at the same time having fun with your kids. This can be done by telling narratives or even by resolving a huge jigsaw puzzle. Make sure to provide them your concentrated focus as well as make certain the TELEVISION or TABLET or PHONE is off or at least on silent.

A terrific parenting tip is to urge your youngster to consume healthy foods. You must try to do this while they’re young because once they grow up, they’ll be well familiar with they types of good foods you raised them on and also which foods to avoid. Motivating them to eat a healthy and balanced diet could aid them develop healthy eating practices when they are no longer youngsters.

As a parent, it is very important to take some time for yourself. It seems natural to constantly put our youngsters first, however gradually, we could experience exhaustion and become worried and also frazzled. Setting aside a little time for yourself regularly could go a long way toward keeping you a involved and also healthy and balanced parent.

Helping your kids to do tasks can be a chance for positive character-building rather than an negative experience. If you keep records (like a chore graph) of your expectations as well as encourage your children to satisfy them, you could cultivate a feeling of accomplishment as well as really make them anticipate helping out around your house.

If you are a new mama of doubles, REQUEST FOR HELP! Not requesting help is among the most awful points that mamas of doubles do. Having newborn twins is not the like having one baby. Take any individual and also every one’s offer of help whether doing some grocery purchasing, running the dish washer, or merely sitting with the sleeping infants for you while you have a shower or a nap. You will certainly be a far better mommy for it.

Whenever possible, offer your young child a possibility to pick something. As an example, give him two options of a veggie for supper. When he chooses, he is less most likely to grumble about it. Supplying your youngster choices will certainly give him a feeling of control as well as empowerment over his very own little world.

Assist the kid to create regimens by establishing a routine quite early. If you offer them particular times for various occasions they will start to normally get used to these times. This will certainly aid to make shower, eating and also bedtimes a lot easier. The kid will certainly also feel more secure.

You intend to be the best parent you can be as well and it starts with learning more. You must recognize every little thing you could about circumstances, questions, or even situations that could leave you a little bit confused. With the tips that you find in this short article, you could easily be on your way to parenting success.